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In the event of cases, there is only one important premise: they have to be transported back and quickly as possible as possible. Our paramedics, paramedics, accompanying doctors and drivers or pilots ensure a smooth process in the patient return transport within Germany and all of Europe.

The individual requirements for a gentle, safe and quick transport determine the way of transport. In our fleet we have the necessary vehicles to meet these requirements in the best possible way.

In the recreation of patient reconnection, flying is often a possible option. Here we use regular line flights or special ambulance flights for individual care of the patients.

they are available:

ITW - intensive transport
Our intensive transport vehicle (short: ITW) find their use in relocation trips between the intensive care units. The ITW ensures continuous continuation of intensive therapy and monitoring of the patient. In addition, our intensive transport vehicles are also approved for heavy load intensive transport.
RTW ambulance
Our ambulances have extensive equipment for the medical treatment of emergency patients according to DIN 1789. The basis of our ambulances for the resolution abroad offers the Mercedes Sprinter with a vehicle expansion of system strobel.
KTW - ambulance
Our ambulance (short: KTW) is a Mercedes-Benz E-Class with a conversion for patient transport. The KTW has its areas of application in Germany and our back abroad throughout Europe. It has oxygen, an emergency case and various medical consumables.
Ambulance flights
Flying is often an option in patient recirculation. We use regular line flights or outpatient flights for individual care for the patients. We prepare the flight, take all measures with the doctors and support them in handling travel documents and luggage. You can also trust our team when it comes to the subsequent ground transport.

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